FiLiArt 2017 Save The Date!



SAT 14th and SUN 15th October!

I am very excited to announce that FiLiA now have a confirmed venue and dates for this years conference. Art will as usual play a large part in the conference with each room hosting a curated show or shows relating to specific themes and projects.

The conference is an amazing place to come together and hear about what feminist and women’s groups and organisations are doing nationally and internationally. It is also a place for fantastic debate and discussion around feminism, issues and progress. For FiLiA Art plays a large part in this and I am thrilled to be their first Artist in Residence this year!

I will be co-curating one of the exhibition rooms as an opportunity to show work and documentation of the project from throughout the year.

For more info keep an eye on the FiLiA website here

and FB page here

April update!


20170410_170951The project has had another busy month with the project preparing work for two more exhibitions during April and also getting the first series of workshops booked to start in May.

It has also been the Easter school holidays so work and play has had to combine at times – including a great trip to Tate with a fellow mother Artist and our children to see the London Fog sculpture!

I decided to develop a placard for the Nasty Women Exhibition in Cambridge. The brief was to create an A2 placard for the exhibition with the theme Nasty Women. I decided to combine another work I did previously using  words from the suffragette prison records regarding the suffragette mental state. words written about the women by male prison officers. I placed these words on an image I then used to create an online clothing range called mentally unstable clothing.

I used images of t-shirts from the clothing store as the background and silhouettes of the semaphore poses spelling Nasty as the foreground.

I chose green and purple t-shirts to represent the suffragette colours and there are 120 t-shirts tiled across the page in reference to the 120 years since Milicent Fawcett set up the national union of suffragettes.

Feb/March update

imageOver the past month the aim of the project has been to come together with the artists and organisations to plan the workshops.

Working in a flexible and accessible way is hugely important to me so I have been taking the time to ensure that the sessions will work practically as well as creatively for the women involved. For some groups this means providing evening sessions to work around employment. For others is is ensuring the sessions cater for children too in order for single parents to easily take part. These logistical elements are absolutely vital in ensuring the women can take part, feel comfortable and get the most from the sessions.

Over the past month I have also taken the project to both the Leydon Gallery and the Bargehouse in the form of a live action. Performing in the two different gallery spaces, ‘semaphore aerobics’ was an interruption that I developed for the Desperate Artwives takeover at the Leyden Gallery. Continuing with my work around how visual communication can be used to subvert messages and also working with the idea of ‘where’ art should and can be. In both instances I also took the live action outside of the gallery space, into the streets where the gallery walls were removed and a more informal atmosphere could be induced.

Semaphore and filter bubbles

Semaphore : a software flag that ensures a server completes certain tasks before it can begin another.

Semaphore has interested me so far as a visual communication method for subversion, emphasis or disruption of power relations.

Semaphores are also used in programming, within servers to control the flow of tasks. I find it interesting that signals like communication of any method is used to both allow and control/limit communication.

Our words and access to connecting can both liberate and quieten. Some of us feel anxious at times about sharing on social media or feel controlled by the viewers that may or may not be there. Some instead feel liberated by the access to speaking out ….

We may feel controlled by our filter bubble, restricted or secure in it enough to say what we want.

Communication comes at us from a plethora of platforms and we must use our own internal semaphores to take in or discard information (whether we want to or not) in order for us to function.

This idea of a filter bubble, not only in terms of social media but in our everyday lives is what instigated this project for me. It is not enough for me to consider issues of women, women’s rights and feminism in my own circles. For me it is vital that feminism is dialogic, that different groups of women with varied views come together to talk and share.

By organising and running workshops the aim is to have conversations on a variety of issues and respond creatively within these workshops and through them.

January 2017 First Update!




So January was a huge month for the project!
Not only did I find out that we got the funding from ACE South West but I also did a crowdfunder, had online and paper press written about the project (see here), AND had our first exhibition with Desperate Artwives!

If you supported the project via crowdfunder and bought a reward, these will be coming to you before the end of March this year. The support was fantastic and i am updating the supporters page today to acknowledge all the wonderful people and organisations who have supported the project so far.

This first couple of months is all about logistics! Organising dates of workshops with both the organisations involved, their participation and the Artists. We are aiming to get the workshops happening across March, April, May and June and I will be documenting these as we go.

I am so excited to meet all the people who will be both participating in and running the workshops. My aim is to work collaboratively. I will be taking some items – visual and written – to each workshop group and these will be the starting point of our work. My hope is that this work will evoke conversations, discussions and debate about a whole range of issues. Drawing from the varied experiences we will have all had and from our potentially different viewpoints. These conversations however they begin, will be the first pieces of work that we create as a group. They will grow into collective work as well as into individual works.

Keep popping back to find out how we get on!