‘Art has a unique ability to communicate the diversity of women’s experiences, and to engage the public with feminism in an accessible way.’ FiLiA 2016

Across 2017 I was FiLiA Artist in Resident funded by Arts Council England. I worked across the year to develop my art practice in response to the issues touched upon by FiLiA as an organisation.

Statements in Semaphore is the title project that I ran through 2017 as my role ‘Artist in Residence’ with FiLiA. The project for 2017 had two aims, to produce a series of art workshops for women in my local area, and to develop a series of my own art work that would aim to be a commentary to and response to the year long project. The work produced by the women participants and myself was then be exhibited in London in October during FiLiA Conference 2017. My work throughout the year was also performed and exhibited at various events including a collaboration and exhibition in the Netherlands.

I am passionate about my Art practice being something that engages people and makes conversations happen, but not just with Artists. I wanted to engage with people who do not normally take part in the Art world, who are not academics and I wanted that engagement to become my practice.  This project is about just that and it is why I wanted to work with the charity FiLiA over 2017, so instead of being on my own, I would be engaging with other groups of women and my work will come from that.  Across the year I provided 12 creative workshops for groups of women in my local community who are supported by the organisations Women in Prison and You Trust Hampshire. These workshops offered the participants an opportunity to create their own art work alongside and with the support of the professional artists. Together we made a space that we could create in but also that allowed dialogue. Of issues relating to all of us as women in our own circumstances.

The organisations that I worked with are:

Women In Prison, Surrey

Domestic Violence Hampshire, The YOU Trust

The amazing Artists that worked with me on these workshops were:

Leah Thorn: www.leahthorn.com

Rebecca Harris: www.rebecca-harris.com

Cate Field: www.catefield.com

Amy Dignam: www.desperateartwives.co.uk

For the work produced over the year please see my Work and Exhibitions page.

I am currently collecting feedback from the project partners and will write and publish the report here shortly. Feedback Statements in Semaphore 2017

For plans going forward please see my About page.