October – A SERIES OF EVENTS – Part 2 – In Pictures!

September – A SERIES OF EVENTS-Part 1 Some Pictures!

August – Statements in Semaphore 2018 -Works in Progress in Pictures

Images from our workshops, Artist days, inspiration from around Aldershot and Wandsworth stations and Work In Progress pictures from across the project in 2018!


The first of two events we are running as part of Statements in Semaphore this year. Come along and hear about what we have been up to, have a chat and a cuppa to find out about the work we have been doing and who we have been working with!

June 2018 – Control

This month I have been reflecting on the conversations that have happened both during and in response to the project so far this year. Sometimes the dialogue is heavy, with myself and another Artist perhaps agonising over details or the social politics of an issue. At other times,  it is simply one comment, from one…

May 2018

May 2018 has been a busy month for the project (as well as for my performance interpreting and home life.) We completed 4 workshops with The You Trust – and these have kicked off some fantastic discussions and some collaborative performance ideas between myself and Barbara Touati-Evans. There will hopefully be more I can announce…