Debrief 2018 Susan Merrick and Melissa Mostyn – Performance and Film

I was very chuffed to have been awarded a grant from Arts Council England again for a Research and Development stage of the project!

This year I have spent time focusing on my own and the project’s development. This has evolved into two series of work:


  • Spending time with Six amazing Artists who work Nationally and Internationally on live art, social art, longer term projects and activism.
  • Spending time in the LADA Study room, researching artists and projects whose work can influence/challenge my own practice and project.
  • Visiting Tanja Ostojic in Berlin and working with her for a couple of days.

I have also been researching how I can develop the project Statements in Semaphore locally in Aldershot, where I am both Artist and resident through:


  • Reflecting on the work I have done over the past three years.
  • Basing myself at the West End Centre in Aldershot as their Associate Artist.
  • Exploring and meeting with existing local organisations and support groups/agencies in the community.
  • Exploring the existing/previous arts activities locally, what partnerships exist already, and what potential partnerships there are.
  • Mapping and documenting all of this in some way. (An Exhibition/Sharing September 2019).
  • and thinking about if and where SIS can fit into or positively challenge what there is locally already?


OUTCOME I will be writing a fuller report about the outcome of this time but it has ultimately led me to create two new series of work that have been instigated by the three years of Statements in Semaphore, the local research I have conducted and the practice development work I have been doing. This website  will become an archive of the work done over the past three years and the future work that comes out of this I will document on my own website susanmerrick.co.uk.

Huge thanks to all the people, organisations, participants and supporters that have made this project possible and amazing across the three years! xxxx