May Update

©Susan Merrick

May has seen the first series of workshops get started and also the second and third series booked!

We will be running 6 evening workshops with the You Trust across May, June and July. These will be led by Cate Field and Amy Dignam.

Through June Rebecca Harris will be leading three days of workshops focusing on visual and tactile art with Women In Prison.

During June, July and August we will be running three days of workshops with Women in Prison, led by Leah Thorn and focusing on Spoken and Written word.

On beginning this project I had no idea how much time the organisation of it would take. I had not quite accounted for the necessary to-ing and fro-ing that needs to occur when you are coordinating several artists, venues, organisations and groups of participants. It is so exciting to now be at the point of delivery and dialogue.

This process has certainly not been wasted with regard to my practice either. Every phonecall, email or meeting with the artists, venues or organisations has led to new areas of thought. Issues of artist work and funding; artist work and limitations or liberation of space and time; considerations of anonymity versus documentation and how to work with this; safety of participants and artists; ethical considerations; practical considerations like children being present; visual or aesthetic and audio explorations and so much more. In 2017 this type of practice is not new, and it is also very common. So how do artists record it? Do they? Is it important to share documentation of this practice? I believe it is. So I am going to explore different ways that I can document this work and also investigate how others have also done so.

Image: Merrick S, ‘Artist Doesn’t Perform’, 2017

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