Social Art Assembly: April 25th

Socail Art 1

On 25th April I attended the Socail Art Assembly at Tate Exchange in London.

This day allowed space for around 80 social Art practitioners to come together, share practice and raise their questions, concerns, fears, strategies etc for Social Art in the UK.

Below are some of the thoughts that came out of one of the sessions I instigated along with Artist Jennifer ……. We wanted to consider how to look at long term projects in our communities. How we think about our work, working with others, our roles, what we say yes/no to and how other people see us.

This was a really valuable opportunity for me as it allowed me some time to speak with more experienced Artists and practitioners about longer term and larger scale projects, which in turn will help me plan the project going forward more thoughtfully, making sure I get the right partners involved and with more logistical insight.

Social Art 2Social Art 3Social Art 4SOcial Art 5

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