Grant Awarded for R&D Phase!!!

Street Art in Aldershot (Seen 2019) Anonymous
I have been lucky enough to receive a new grant from Arts Council England for a Research and Development phase of SIS during 2019!. This is a time for some personal practice development, to activate new skills, keep my brain being challenged and to ensure my practice remains impactful and to share not only the funding, but my work!
It is also a period of development for the project, with a particular focus on making sure the project remains and becomes more relevant to my base, Aldershot. I want to find out what organisations are based here, in my home town. What support exists for the hidden communities (and women) locally? What Arts activities are here, who runs them? Who accesses them? Are there gaps? Are there great partnerships? Are there potentially great partnerships that are not currently happening? And finally… what can Statements in Semaphore do within all of this? What is wanted or needed by those who who live and work here?
In order to do this I am basing myself at Aldershots Award winning Arts and Music venue, West End Centre as their Associate Artist, tapping into their long standing arts knowledge of the area and the many activities they already conduct.
I am also meeting with Seven amazing Artists and Producers over the period.
I will be documenting my time as I go through FB Susan B Merrick, on this page, via Instagram posts
and some longer blog posts on the website. I will also be recording some film and gathering documentation as I go… mapping what I find and creating a resource for myself (but hopefully others in the end too…?).
Want to know more? Get in touch!!
Susan xxxx

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