March 2019 Update


Whats Happening now?

This stage of the project is a 7 month research and development phase.


Over the past two years the project successfully worked with 4 different organisations and the participants who use their services. As project lead I worked with 6 different artists to provide workshops for the organisation and from these workshops we (myself and collaborating artists) developed artistic responses through our own practice.

This resulted in :

-over twenty free workshops for the organisations (Women in Prison, YouTrust Hampshire and Deaf Hope) to offer to their audiences.

-employment opportunity and artistic instigation for 7 artists over the two years.

-art events and exhibitions in central London, Wandsworth common and Aldershot, Hampshire.

What next?

To grow the project I want to initially focus in on one area, where I live and have worked for two years – Aldershot and Farnborough- Rushmoor Borough! Not only do I live here but it is the area of lowest arts participation in the whole south west region! *according to Arts Council England.

To attempt to make a project that is both wider reaching and has staying power I wanted to spend this year:

-mapping out what organisations and groups exist locally.

-learning what artistic or creative activities are already in place or happening for them

-learning where there is a need for something creative

-connecting with local artists that would provide mutually beneficial partnerships with these groups

– connectioning with artists or projects elsewhere who I can speak to for advice and who can  provide alternative perspectives.

-researching social art projects and their work

-developing my own artistic practice.

I’m going to begin by starting an informal role as Associate Artist with the amazing Aldershot based arts and music venue – The West End Centre.

This will allow me to have a physical base in the centre of Aldershot and also utilise the wealth of knowledge that the centre, it’s amazing staff and the community who use it have!

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