January 2017 First Update!




So January was a huge month for the project!
Not only did I find out that we got the funding from ACE South West but I also did a crowdfunder, had online and paper press written about the project (see here), AND had our first exhibition with Desperate Artwives!

If you supported the project via crowdfunder and bought a reward, these will be coming to you before the end of March this year. The support was fantastic and i am updating the supporters page today to acknowledge all the wonderful people and organisations who have supported the project so far.

This first couple of months is all about logistics! Organising dates of workshops with both the organisations involved, their participation and the Artists. We are aiming to get the workshops happening across March, April, May and June and I will be documenting these as we go.

I am so excited to meet all the people who will be both participating in and running the workshops. My aim is to work collaboratively. I will be taking some items – visual and written – to each workshop group and these will be the starting point of our work. My hope is that this work will evoke conversations, discussions and debate about a whole range of issues. Drawing from the varied experiences we will have all had and from our potentially different viewpoints. These conversations however they begin, will be the first pieces of work that we create as a group. They will grow into collective work as well as into individual works.

Keep popping back to find out how we get on!


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