Semaphore and filter bubbles

Semaphore : a software flag that ensures a server completes certain tasks before it can begin another.

Semaphore has interested me so far as a visual communication method for subversion, emphasis or disruption of power relations.

Semaphores are also used in programming, within servers to control the flow of tasks. I find it interesting that signals like communication of any method is used to both allow and control/limit communication.

Our words and access to connecting can both liberate and quieten. Some of us feel anxious at times about sharing on social media or feel controlled by the viewers that may or may not be there. Some instead feel liberated by the access to speaking out ….

We may feel controlled by our filter bubble, restricted or secure in it enough to say what we want.

Communication comes at us from a plethora of platforms and we must use our own internal semaphores to take in or discard information (whether we want to or not) in order for us to function.

This idea of a filter bubble, not only in terms of social media but in our everyday lives is what instigated this project for me. It is not enough for me to consider issues of women, women’s rights and feminism in my own circles. For me it is vital that feminism is dialogic, that different groups of women with varied views come together to talk and share.

By organising and running workshops the aim is to have conversations on a variety of issues and respond creatively within these workshops and through them.

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