April update!


20170410_170951The project has had another busy month with the project preparing work for two more exhibitions during April and also getting the first series of workshops booked to start in May.

It has also been the Easter school holidays so work and play has had to combine at times – including a great trip to Tate with a fellow mother Artist and our children to see the London Fog sculpture!

I decided to develop a placard for the Nasty Women Exhibition in Cambridge. The brief was to create an A2 placard for the exhibition with the theme Nasty Women. I decided to combine another work I did previously using  words from the suffragette prison records regarding the suffragette mental state. words written about the women by male prison officers. I placed these words on an image I then used to create an online clothing range called mentally unstable clothing.

I used images of t-shirts from the clothing store as the background and silhouettes of the semaphore poses spelling Nasty as the foreground.

I chose green and purple t-shirts to represent the suffragette colours and there are 120 t-shirts tiled across the page in reference to the 120 years since Milicent Fawcett set up the national union of suffragettes.

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