Feb/March update

imageOver the past month the aim of the project has been to come together with the artists and organisations to plan the workshops.

Working in a flexible and accessible way is hugely important to me so I have been taking the time to ensure that the sessions will work practically as well as creatively for the women involved. For some groups this means providing evening sessions to work around employment. For others is is ensuring the sessions cater for children too in order for single parents to easily take part. These logistical elements are absolutely vital in ensuring the women can take part, feel comfortable and get the most from the sessions.

Over the past month I have also taken the project to both the Leydon Gallery and the Bargehouse in the form of a live action. Performing in the two different gallery spaces, ‘semaphore aerobics’ was an interruption that I developed for the Desperate Artwives takeover at the Leyden Gallery. Continuing with my work around how visual communication can be used to subvert messages and also working with the idea of ‘where’ art should and can be. In both instances I also took the live action outside of the gallery space, into the streets where the gallery walls were removed and a more informal atmosphere could be induced.

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