New Funding!!!! (and an update!)



Well, sorry for the silence!

November and December I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the project, gathering feedback from the artists and organisations that I worked with across 2017 – which I am now going to place on the site! Feedback Statements in Semaphore 2017

This time allowed me to really consider what I wanted to do with the project going forward. It wasn’t about a one-off ‘thing’. A one off action that ticked a box in some way. But likewise, I didn’t want to just rehash what I did last year.

So what worked?

Well for me, the workshops worked. Having artists come in and use their own ideas and practice to create safe but exploratory environments that allowed for so much creativity and dialogue.

This formed an incredible research base from which to create my own work, visual, live action, film, performance, installation and more. By speaking with the women using the organisations as well as those who worked for and with the organisations I had a wealth of opinions and perspectives on the lives of women that are often hidden from view.

What I can improve?

Public engagement is a big part of this project and this was usually limited to when i did public facing exhibitions or events. To widen the scope of the engagement I have artnered with Platform 1 gallery at Wandsworth Common Station. With a footfall of around 5000 people a day I felt it was a very exciting place to site myself for the next few months!

Artistic development. Last year I found a huge array of opportunities to develop my practice and respond to the project research, but again this was limited with regards to what became available. To counter this I feel that again Platform 1 can offer me an artistic space as well as physically present network of artists with who to work with, collaborate with and share ideas with during the project. Along with this site i will also be inviting artists to work with me an collaborate on some live action in Aldershot which remains my other base for Statements in Semaphore as well as being my home.

So keep your eyes peeled and I will keep you updated with what happens each month during 2018!!

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