March 2018

This month has been about kickstarting the project, getting organised, getting partners confirmed and scheduling workshops!

The month kicked off by speaking with You Trust Hampshire and organising a venue for the workshops with them.

The Artist working with them will be Barbara Touti-Evans so we met up and had some wonderful conversations about holding space and what kinds of materials we may want to work with in her workshops.  Barbara and I collaborated on a playful day during Februrary where we considered the idea of space and attempted to change and soften a very traditional office space by creating a giant crochet web that collected found items along the way! The workshops with Barbara will happen across the month of May.

I had a skype call with Deafhope to talk about logistics and expectations and we are excited to have our first workshop booked for April.

The Artist working with Deafhope will be Melissa Mostyn who I had the pleasure of meeting up with just last week. Melissa is an experienced film maker, writer and visual artist and our artist brains started firing immediately during our meeting.

This month was also the first opportunity to get together properly with Ema at Platform 1 Gallery, plan my studio days and talk about the project. I am excited this year to explore further collaborations with the artists involved in response to working togther on the project – funding and time permitting- and this may be something that continues on into next year too. Lots to do and think about!!

Ooooh I am also excited to announce that some of the work I produced during the project last year will be shown in a group show at Division of Labour Gallery during April. Check out the next post for more information!

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